Developing a Well-tempered Yoga Practice

Den 09.12.2019
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Developing a Well-tempered Yoga Practice –
a yoga and meditation retreat for beginners and ongoing practitioners
Come and practice yoga in the beautiful and contemplative setting of the Abbaye de Bonnevaux.  We will be looking at understanding more deeply and playfully how our body organisation and way of being in gravity can adapt the yoga poses and contemporary movement work to help us become more embodied, confident, comfortable and well.
Our days will be organised around long morning and afternoon Yoga and Rolf Movement practice sessions, times for journaling and times in solitude for listening to the Spirit moving in our lives.  The overarching themes that will occupy our enquiry will be: practicing nearness (look close & embrace), how we orient between ground and space, how the wave of the breath teaches us non-doing and un-doing.
The sessions will take us through the classic yoga poses of front bending, backbend and twisting in sitting, standing and lying.  We will use the principles of Rolf Movement to understand better what is behind the poses to help us temper our practice to what is best suited to our physiology.  There will be ample time to explore, learn, question and find how this works for you. There will also be time each day for self-practice.
Three times a day we will meditate with the community. Instruction on how to meditate and how to sit for meditation will be part of our sessions.
I have been teaching yoga and movement for the past 30 years inspired by my yoga teacher Mary Stewart and her teacher Vanda Scaravelli.  On the contemporary Rolf Movement research side of the work I have been inspired by Hubert Godard who is the loving genius behind Tonic Function — how humans orient and organise themselves in gravity, verticality and the world.
Led by Giovanni Felicioni (GB, with French translation)
Contribution for entire retreat: €480 double room / €660 single room
Registration for retreat is at 16:30 on Monday
Closure is 14:30 after lunch on Sunday